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General Information

To begin your journey in ReunionKnightOnline, you must first register an account and download the Knight Empire World client. You can check out the community forum for more information.

Firstly, you need to know something. Our name is inspired by ReunionKnightOnline which is Knigt Online’s our favorite version. ReunionKnightOnline team is no such thing with Knigt Empire, The Knight Empire etc. Servers which were opened before.

We know that you all miss flashy days between 2004-2006 years when we played this game. We also miss those days when we spent our best days of our childhood with this game. That is exactly the cause of appearance of Knight Empire World team. Old but gold days..

But, we have a problem! We are not child anymore. We don’t spend time for 15 hours with game now. It was the thing we thought hard when we organized the team. Players who play for 1 hour, 5 hours, 15 hours... How can we balance between these? Of course, a player who plays this game 15 hours will have more advantages than a player who plays 1 hour. But, how should we balance so that a player who plays for 1 hour does not leave the game at the end of third day? This is the biggest problem of private server. In game balances good unscheduled. So we play in server lasted a month, sometimes a week, maybe often a day for a long time. Under the name of being innovative, new systems against to game’s spirit, managers who have ambition to make money, infrastructural problems, lack of interest and many more problems.. As ReunionKnightOnline team, we don’t promise you new features which don’t have in any server. One thing we aim to offer is balance we will occur in game.



Our database is Original MYKO database, which means everything, such as skills, drops, rates and anything you can think about is a copy of original database. We have been developing this database for a while, and we've added a few new features to help our players play safely and user experience.

New features

  • • Repeatable Quests
  • • Collection Race
  • • Border Defense War
  • • Bifrost
  • • Ardream War
  • • Deathmatch
  • • Clan War
  • • Merchant Rewards
  • • Kill-Gift
and more..

You can click here to see all list of repeatable quest, or click here to see event times and rewards.

Experience Rates & Level Cap

Experience rates are %50 easier than myko experience rates and max level is 65. 72 level cap will be opened later.

Drop List

We are using original myko drop list. But, droprates are a bit higher than the myko droprates.

If you want to see the drop list, you can click here.

Upgrade Rates
Blessed Upgrade Scroll
The item may be upgraded one grade at a time. There is a chance that the item may be destroyed

+2 %100 | +3 %100 | +4 %70 | +5 %40 | +6 %30 | +7 %5

Click here to see all the different upgrade rates available.